Our Story

We are inspired by our vision of a world where beautiful experiences nourish the mind and heart with spiritual sanctuaries. Our mission is to create enchanting environments that embrace the beauty of connection, meaning and healing. We are committed to creating beautiful experiences that open hearts and minds to the profound power of connection with oneness.

Nestled in the heart of Kangaroo Valley amongst an enchanting native rainforest, this picturesque portrait of beauty offers breathtaking views with a backdrop of the Morton National Park. Kangaroo Valley is home to a picturesque landscape, which evolved over 450 million years of geological transformation.

Our Heritage

The history of RockLea Estate evolved through a rich labour of love founded on the principles of nourishment. In 1840, Henry Osbourne embarked on a journey to pioneer dairy farming on the Estate, which paved the way for generations of farming families to settle and cultivate the Valley.

At the heart of the RockLea Estate story is a tale of rich Aboriginal heritage, which pays homage to its earliest traditional inhabitants, the Jerrinja People. Cultivated by several Aboriginal tribes including the Wodi Wodi, Kangaroo Valley holds a sacred spiritual significance through its very location on a ‘Dreaming Line,’ which is believed to harbour healing. Connection to the land and its creatures, particularly kangaroos and wombats; formed the foundation of indigenous community experiences which continue to thrive today.